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27 August, 2009

The staff at Namale Resort and Spa, Fiji

This is our first Namale Fiji Resort and Spa Blog entry, and I have been musing about just how to describe such a magical place. While magic can be defined in so many different ways, here at Namale, there's no doubt of its prevalence and power: From the wondrous fiery red, purple and orange sunsets over the Koro Sea to the tiniest hermit crab scurrying to keep from underfoot. In a word, yes, the resort is magical.

The location feels unspoiled and timeless, yet the people here will delight and spoil you. It's understatement to say that you've never before experienced the warmth and joy of a culture like that of the Fijian staff who we warmly embrace as our Namale family. When was the last time you actually shed a tear upon leaving a holiday destination because you were going to miss the staff so dearly?

Namale Fiji

There's plenty of the usual blog fodder such as the many accolades awarded to Namale Resort and Spa over the years, including Beverly Clark's Elite Wedding Collection, recognizing a commitment to excellence in providing superior romantic experiences, yet we hope to share all of this and more in future blogs, and of course, accolades from guests, too.

Tony Robbins - Founder of Namale Resort and Spa in Fiji

Of course, there's also the fact that Namale Fiji Resort has been a home away from home for many special guests including a few very well known ones: from the likes of Russell Crowe, Meg Ryan, Quincy Jones, Anthony Hopkins and Donna Karan and others we hold close. And, by the way, owner Tony Robbins even filmed the reality TV show "Breakthrough with Tony Robbins" at this amazing Fiji resort destination.

These are, no doubt, wonderful aspects of which we are extremely proud, yet the very essence of Namale Fiji resort is in the details - the numerous little things that truly personalize the visit for each and every guest who visits Namale, so please indulge me as I share a little story with you that I named the "Magic Flip-Flops."

After a leisurely stroll on the beach, Barbara and Gary wandered up to Bure Levu - the main bure - for lunch. As is the custom in Fiji, the couple prepared to remove their shoes and leave them at the door before entering the restaurant. Not so when Barbara realized that she had left her flip-flops somewhere on the beach. Thinking she would simply go back to retrieve them later, she and Gary secured their favorite table - a dreamy setting where they could enjoy the ocean views together along with their gourmet lunch. Afterwards, as the restaurant staff wished then a happy afternoon and "sotatale" or "see you later," Gary started to put on his shoes at the door when he heard Barbara exclaim, "Oh, my! Look! My flip-flops are laid out beside yours! How did they get here? It's like magic!"

Only to say that at Namale Fiji Resort and Spa, magic happens in many forms, large and small, subtle and bold.

I hope you will check in from time to time as I together with other members of the Namale family will be posting more photos, videos and bits of magic from the resort - just the elixir to keep you under the Namale spell!

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