Our wedding coordinator meets with each couple to show locations on the property to finalize all aspects of your special day. Ceremonies are generally held at sunset, unless a different time is requested. Weddings can take place at the location of your choosing. We do not offer weddings on Sundays or public holidays.


All ministers in Fiji belong to a certain church. There are no nondenominational ministers. While we will try to honor requests for a specific type of minister, who is available for the date requested will be the primary factor. Catholic weddings are held at the nearest Catholic church.


The certificate only shows two names – that of the bride and groom before they get married.


The Fijians are well known for their melodic voices and songs in harmony. Their very special songs will add a unique character and an “island atmosphere” to your wedding ceremony. In lieu of the choir, we can also arrange for Fijian serenaders to be present on your special day.




All weddings at Namale are pre-registered prior to the couple’s arrival into Fiji. Special circumstances may require personal registration by the couple, along with the Namale wedding coordinator, at the Savusavu Registry Office.


  • Certified or original copy of Birth certificates
  • Current passport
  • If previously married, a copy of the divorce/annulment papers
  • Certificate of Single Status (or) Certificate of no legal impediment is required to be produced by the following marriage applicant:
    • Marriage applicants where one party is a local while the other is a foreigner
    • Marriage applicants who were former citizens of Fiji
    • Marriage applicants who are foreigners and residing in Fiji
    • Asians holding Fiji residential visa, permanent citizenship and work permit intending to marry in Fiji

Marriage applicants from Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, and European countries are fully exempted from producing single status certificates (except those who were previously married and have divorced three years ago – must produce single status in some form).

Marriage applicants from Japan must produce the Koseki – Shouhon, to certify their personal details. Tourists from Asia with sole intention to marry in Fiji may be exempted from the standard marriage requirements; this will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Marriage applicants from Asian countries including: China, Philippines, Pakistan, India, Korea and etc. must apply one month in advance and produce police clearance together with other translated personal documents.


  • A copy of the above documents must be sent to us a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the wedding so we can forward them to the Registry office in Fiji for processing. The Bride & Groom must bring the originals with them.
  • Two witnesses are required during the wedding ceremony and if there are no guests present, our staff are more than happy to oblige.
  • Following the wedding ceremony, the wedding coordinator will organize your signed documents to be sent to the mainland for processing. The process would take a minimum of 2 weeks to complete & be mailed to the couple from the actual date of the wedding. Please ask our wedding coordinator for further details at the time of registration.
  • All weddings performed at Namale are legally binding in line with Fijian laws and are recognised in most international countries. Namale is also able to arrange for an embossing of the marriage certificate with an “Apostille Stamp” which will certify the document valid in all member countries of the Convention de La Hague du 5 October 1961.

Please consult your local registry office for any additional or specific requirements on International marriages.