Fiji Spa Treatments


The Ultimate Fusion Massage
75 minutes
Enjoy the extraordinary blend of Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Hot Stone massage. Allow the stones to ground you while the heat penetrates your tight muscles. Revel in the journey to a land of unparalleled bliss.  $275FJD
Namale Tandem Massage
75 minutes
To ensure you surrender to supreme relaxation, we have created The Namale Tandem Massage. An extraordinary sampling of the many massage modalities Namale offers, it is performed by two advanced therapists, synchronized to guide your mind and body to a place of peace, relaxation and restoration.  $525FJD
Couple's Experience Namale Couples Massage
60 minutes
You may request any of Namale's incredible massages to be performed at your bure, on the beach, on a private deck or garden area, or a room at the spa. Listen to the palm trees sway, waves crash, and feel the warm breeze on your skin as you awaken to the rhythm and breath of the islands.  $550FJD
The Ultimate Indulgence Moonlight Magic
105 minutes
This exclusive occasion will allow you to have the experience all to yourselves as you share a very special moment in time with your partner. Your evening will commence with a milk bath foot soak followed by a 90 minute massage with sensual oils and performed in a majestic room adorned by candlelight and showered with flowers. Upon completion of your massage you will enjoy full private use of our hydrotherapy room. Moonlight Magic commences at 6.30pm and, following your evening at the spa, dinner will be brought to you when you return to your bure. Also includes 1 hour private hydrotherapy room use. $999FJD
Sunset Bliss
90 minutes
Starts off with a foot soak on your private balcony overlooking the Koro Sea, followed by a 90 minute massage of your choice. Your massage will end just before the sun sets, allowing you and your partner to enjoy a bottle of champagne, and hors d' oeurves on your private deck. The spa girls will come and get you about an hour later to take you back to your room, where your dinner will await.  $750FJD
Mother Magic
75 minutes
Reconnect with the Earth through hot/cold stone massage basalt stones, known for their healing qualities on the soft tissue of the body. These, along with beautiful crystals and marble, are used to massage the body and are placed along key meridians and chakras to stimulate the free movement of energy. Enjoy this journey inward to find your center ground.  $275FJD
Balinese Massage
75 minutes
Ancient Healing & Herbal Remedies from the JAMU Tradition. A meditative massage combining Hindu, Chinese and European influences to create a relaxing, rhythmic and energizing experience. This Asian experience offers varying techniques of acupressure, rolling motion, long strokes and percussion to invigorate the muscles, and significantly increase overall wellness. Includes choice of tropical aromatherapy, and concludes with a coconut back scrub.  $275FJD
75 minutes
The science of reflexology is based upon the knowledge that all organs and muscle groups have corresponding reflexes in the ears, hands, and feet. Your therapist will apply pressure-point stimulation to release tension, reduce fatigue and open energy pathways allowing the body's organs to function to their fullest potential.  $275FJD
True Swedish
75 minutes
A soothing experience of warm oil and a gentle, nurturing massage, this treatment will create a Zen state of mind.. The soothing nature decreases blood pressure and stimulates circulation and lymph flow; all facilitating enhanced removal of toxins from the body. Includes Au Lomani iko (loving & caring) touch. $275FJD
The Spirit of Fiji
75 minutes
The joyous Fijian people see Bobo massage as a powerful way to reclaim energy and invigorate the spirit. Your Fijian host uses traditional techniques such as long luxurious Swedish-like strokes, percussion, and spiraling movements to create a harmonic release.  $275FJD
Total Release
75 minutes
This deep tissue/sports massage will allow your mind to travel while your body finally lets go. Receive an exquisitely skilled massage manipulating the body's muscle tissue against the bone structure. This is a pain-free deep tissue massage performed by a therapist with an extraordinary level of training.  $275FJD


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