Fiji Wellness Therapies


Swedana Steam Therapy
75 minutes
Assist your body in its natural detoxification process through exfoliation, massage and steam. This treatment begins with full body exfoliation of the skin with gloves and skin brushes, followed by a warm oil aromatherapy massage. Finally, the toxins that have been moved through the body and brought to the surface of the skin will be released with a full body steam.  $300FJD
Bali Spice Ritual
90 minutes
Using the traditional blend from Balinese villages a recipe of ginger, clove and spices is applied to your body as a mask. This body mask will aid in detoxification by stimulating digestion along with easing congestion in aching joints and muscles by promoting circulation. Whilst your body is warmed with the mask you will receive a JAMU Balinese massage. This treatment is also essential if you have jet-lag.  $350FJD
Thai Coconut Scrub
75 minutes
This uplifting and invigorating tropical treatment includes a full body coconut scrub infused with Lemongrass. A perfect treatment to hydrate your skin as this will nourish and soften with the healing qualities of coconut. It will include a JAMU Balinese massage with your choice of aromatherapy oil to complement your scrub.  $300FJD
Cagi ("Thangi") "Air Balancing" Treatment
2 hours 30 minutes
If you're feeling scattered, this treatment can lend a sense of grounding to the body and spirit. The Cagi starts with gentle exfoliation and soft body brushing. Hot stone therapy follows along with a full body massage of your choice. Finally, your body will be painted with warm herbal clay and enveloped in an herbal steam treatment.  $650FJD
Vuravura "Earth Balancing" Treatment
120 minutes
If you're feeling heavy and stagnated, this treatment stimulates and detoxifies the body. VuraVura begins with a vigorous exfoliation. The body is then drenched in warm oil and massaged in the modality of your choice. Afterwards, you'll be treated to our signature Namale Scalp Treatment and relaxing steam therapy. This is head to toe bliss!  $500FJD
Yameyame "Fire Balancing" Treatment
120 minutes
If you have a hard time escaping your thoughts, this treatment can help calm the mind and turn off the intellect. In YameYame, the body is introduced to a myriad of textures and sensations, including a rhythmic, wave-like massage. Afterwards, you'll enjoy our signature Namale Scalp Treatment and Foot Reflexology.  $450FJD
Kaukauwa "Energy" Therapy
2 hours 30 minutes
If your skin is tired and your muscles tight, this invigorating treatment will provide stimulation and relaxation. Enjoy a full-body, salt-elixir exfoliation followed by Swedana steam therapy to reduce tension and release impurities from the skin. Then, you'll be treated to a deep-tissue massage and our signature Namale Scalp Treatment. Our most popular treatment for men!  $650FJD


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