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"The #1 Hotel for Romance in the South Pacific"

- Travelers' Choice 2011

"The #1 Ultimate Honeymoon Suite in Fiji"

- Modern Bride

"The #1 Spa in Fiji"

- Luxury Spa Finder Magazine

"The Ultimate Romance Resort"

- Island Destinations Magazine

"Best Unique Accommodations"

- Fiji Excellence in Tourism Awards

The Wound Tight New Yorkers Unwind At Namale

Where Time Is Re-defined

Skills required to survive in one jungle are not the same for another. Yet everyone needs rest and revitalization no matter which jungle you master. To that end, the best in Fiji Resorts beckons. Like the ancient sirens, Namale Fiji lures the weary with one goal in mind: to quicken the heart and soften the senses. Even the most capable New Yorker must relax, recharge and 'un-toughen'. The quintessential Fiji Resort provides such a place at Namale.

Fusing principles of ancient wisdom and sacred space, Namale rewards the fatigued body and soul. Serenity, balance and love are the themes; quietude, the surf and privacy serve as their facilitations. With over 500 acres of pristine rainforest and ocean, residing in one of our 19 bures or villas with your closest neighbor far beyond any immediate reach, you've only to listen to the sounds of nature as you are nurtured back to wholeness.

Our world class Spa slows the rhythmic pump offering a rich array of aromatic and healing treatments. From massage to pedicure we loosen the tightly wound New Yorker from head to toe. And while it may serve as a beginning, it is hardly its end. Namale's all-inclusive program features the finest cuisine in Fiji resorts, healthy and tantalizing to be sure, while accommodating special diets as well.

Of course, activities are plentiful at Namale. Once your personal restoration has taken roots, snorkeling near the soft coral reefs or horseback riding on the beachfront, even leisurely strolls through lush rainforests, begins the reintegration process. Namale Fiji's proximity is close to Natewa Bay, the largest in the South Pacific and home to numerous pods of spinner dolphins. A trip out to watch dolphins at play is joyous, indeed.

But by far, it is the sky that New Yorkers often relish the most when removed from their concrete jungle. Unfettered by cityscapes, the heavens are 'ablaze' making wishes come easy and contentment its natural outcome. It is no wonder New Yorkers love Namale, the finest in Fiji resorts.

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