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"The #1 Hotel for Romance in the South Pacific"

- Travelers' Choice 2011

"The #1 Ultimate Honeymoon Suite in Fiji"

- Modern Bride

"The #1 Spa in Fiji"

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"The Ultimate Romance Resort"

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"Best Unique Accommodations"

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Fiji The Sights, Smells, And Sounds Of A Fiji Spa

Nowhere is the relaxation quotient as great as at the #1 Fiji Spa at Namale. Home to native palm wood, thatch and rock that surrounds you upon entering, ancient earth aromas further beckon the senses. Remarkably, there is a seamless quality between the inner and outer worlds, revealing an expanse of openness that is compelling when you view the ocean beyond.

Our spa is the only Fiji Spa that combines hydro and aroma therapy in a resort spa. Once inside, visitors are tugged forward inhaling the sweet smells while listening to gentle sounds of our trickling stream that returns to the forest. Your gaze will be drawn to the dramatic views of the ocean, with the blow hole of the Koro Sea as its focal point. Exposed wood beams and native flora further traverse the subtle integration of the physical and spiritual worlds.

Namale Fiji Spa is renowned for its healing integration of ancient remedies and modern science. The Basalt Stone massage invigorates cellular activity with either hot or cold stone, opening up the tissues for maximum effects and regeneration. The Balinese massage stimulates muscles in long, elegant strokes while incorporating aroma therapeutic techniques for full healing effect. And the Reflexology massage opens up energetic pathways utilizing pressure points in hands, ears, and feet that correspond with internal organs, thereby revitalizing body and soul.

Additionally, taking benefit from Wellness Therapies profoundly releases toxins and reorients the mind. The Bali Spice Ritual is steeped in exotic fragrance using clove, ginger and other spices that opens pathways easing congestion and stimulating digestion. The Thai Coconut Scrub infused with Lemongrass invigorates and softens the skin while you revel in the JAMU Balinese massage with the fragrant oil of your choice.

Many more options await the discerning spa connoisseur who is ready to leave the world behind, basking in the gentle departure from a busy world. The Fiji spa at Namale offers up a full menu of relaxation techniques, seascapes and aromas that are guaranteed to revitalize and rejuvenate.

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