When Tony first came to Fiji more than 20 years ago, he was looking for what he thought would be the most beautiful spot in the world. However, what he found in Fiji was something even more special then he imagined—a place where beauty, culture, balance, and the contagious spirit of the locals combine to create a rare and stunning paradise. In fact, after his first visit to the island, Tony says his quality of life changed. He found a deeper place inside himself and a sanctuary of balance and peace away from the demands of his dynamic life. He fell in love with the serenity that Fiji provided for him, and in designing Namale, his award-winning spa and resort, Tony sought to create a get-away retreat reflective of Fiji’s unique essence. Beyond being physically extraordinary—with rainforests flowing straight into the ocean, a majestic blow-hole on the property, and an abundance of exotic diving and snorkeling spots—Namale is abundant with the rich joy for life characteristic of local Fijians. It’s like no other place in the world.

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