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Fiji When Is Fiji's Rainy Season?

The South Pacific islands, including Fiji, render scenes in one's mind of exotic tropical breezes saturated with sunshine and clear skies, lush vegetation and pristine waters.  Like anywhere else on the planet (minus deserts or polar ice caps) Fiji does have a rainy season and it's best to plan your stay at Fiji Resorts' #1 choice, Namale Fiji, for a patch of paradise during the dry season.

Fiji's rainy season is during the Southern Hemisphere's summer months of November to March. It is typically hot and humid during this time with average temperatures topping 88 degrees F. Fiji's cyclone season parallels their summer while extending through much of April as well. Although it doesn't rain constantly during the summer, there can be frequent heavy downpours. Consequently, the best time to travel to enjoy Fiji Resorts like Namale is from late April/early May through October.

By contrast, Fiji's winter months of April/May to October/November are warm and dry. Because of where the island chain is located, half way between the equator and New Zealand, their seasons are relatively temperate compared to many other tropical destinations around the globe. Consequently, the temperature ranges are very modest with average temperatures in winter around 84 degrees F.

Consequently, staying at Namale, the finest in Fiji resorts during the winter months offers near perfect weather. It is the best time to enjoy sun-drenched skies, enormously clear waters revealing the soft coral, swim or dive with colorful and vibrant marine life, and see dolphin and whales romp and play. The winter months are ideal for sunbathing on the beach, horseback rides and hiking escapades to hidden waterfalls on Namale's 500 acre grounds.

From overlarge and private bures and villas, guests look out at an expanse of beauty with little to interrupt their vision, except possibly more beauty. Each of the 19 lodgings is situated far apart from one another resting on lava rock, creating a personal haven for rest and rejuvenation at our luxurious facility. As the finest in Fiji resorts, Namale has all-inclusive packages for weddings, honeymoons, families or individuals just looking to turn off the world.

For additional information on packages, please visit the Fiji Vacation Packages of our website or call 800.727.3454.

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