When in Fiji, it’s only natural to immerse yourself in the Fijian culture and inspired way of life. Fijians easily express themselves in dress, music and crafts.
These outward expressions are as genuine and beautiful as their inner beings: Theirs is never a show to put on for visitors, but rather a heartfelt reflection of who they are. Here at Namale we offer nightly cultural entertainment offering our guests the opportunity to truly feel a part of the Namale family.
    In keeping with Fijian time-honored traditions, you may desire to participate in a one-of-a-kind Kava Yaqona Ceremony. Named for the pulverized root of a pepper plant, kava, or yaqona, is a drink consumed during Fijian rituals that center around everything from welcoming visitors to sealing business deals, casting spells, and most often, relaxing. As guests at Namale, you can expect to be one of the first to drink it as a sign of appreciation by the staff that you have chosen Namale among other destinations. Magical as it is, sharing a bowl of kava seems to create an invisible bond between you and your Fijian hosts. What an extraordinary way to experience this Pacific Island paradise — and the rich and vibrant Fijian culture.
    Local villagers visit Namale once a week to show their skills — the ideal opportunity to purchase authentic Fijian souvenirs and support family and friends of the Namale staff. Handicraft offerings include wood sculptures, tapestries, jewelry and sarong wraps called sulus. Fijian artisans also produce fine tapa cloth, or masi, kava bowls, walking sticks, baskets, purses and replicas of Fijian artifacts. 
  • MEKE
    Each week, local villagers come to Namale to share their history through narrative dance, or meke. Wearing traditional costumes, including grass skirts, spears and necklaces woven of the flowering plant plumeria, dancers use their hands, hips and voices to act out ancient scenes to the mesmerizing rhythm of wooden drums.