Diwali Celebrations at Namale

Namale employs 180 staff members on a yearly basis, which is how we provide our guests with an extraordinary experience. We say experience because Namale is not merely a room to stay in; it is the attentiveness of the staff, the decadence of our spa, the connection with the local culture, the fresh flavors from our kitchen and the luxury of our accommodations.

This all comes together to give you the Namale Experience. As some of you may know, our staff is made up of the Native-Fijian as well as the Indo-Fijian cultures, and both are incorporated into the evening cultural entertainment in order to give our guests the opportunity to learn about these incredible traditions.

This past week the Indo-Fijians celebrated their Hindu holiday of Diwali, which we took as a chance transform our dining room with Indian decorations, a henna artist, music and traditional saris for each of our ladies to wear. So delighted with the evening, guests went to different staff members houses that they had gotten to know during their stay and celebrate even more with sweets and fireworks.

When you visit Namale you are experiencing Fijian elegance. Our property is built to pamper, take care and spoil each of our guests with any request. We also know that anyone who travels to Fiji and doesn’t get an opportunity to see and feel the incredible richness and love of these cultures – both the Native-Fijian and Indo-Fijian– has truly lost a beautiful aspect of what this country has to offer.

We at Namale cherish our staff and family, and invite you to indulge in everything we have awaiting you; our accommodations, activities, spa, dining and family.