How to Create the Perfect Island Getaway

Planning your perfect island getaway is all about customizing your trip to include what you love. The beauty is, even if you have trouble deciding what you want to do, there’s more than enough on Fiji’s Vanua Levu to keep you both active and relaxed for your entire trip! Here are some ideas to ensure your island getaway is just right for you.

Go all-inclusive

If you want to completely free yourself of any concerns on your island getaway, going all-inclusive is the way to do it. Since nearly everything is included, from food and beverages to activities of all kinds, you can simply enjoy yourself without having to fret about mounting costs. Enjoy the luxury of a worry-free vacation with incredible amenities included.

Be adventurous

An island vacation comes with plenty of adventure if you want it! You can explore the surrounding waters by snorkeling, fishing, scuba diving, or seeking out dolphins. If you’d rather keep your adventures on dry land, you can discover the unique beauty of the tropical landscape with a vigorous hike through the rainforest, or with a gentle walk through the tide pools. No matter what kind of exploration you choose, Vanua Levu offers it all.

Reset at the Spa

If you’ve spent the day out on excursions or need to unwind right off the plane, relaxing at the spa is guaranteed to be blissfully calming and rejuvenating. You can relax in a steam room, take an invigorating dip in a pool or take advantage of any pampering service offered. Whether you choose to indulge in a massage, a mani-pedi, or an incredible facial or body wrap, you’re sure to leave feeling refreshed and stress-free.

Eat local

Fijian food takes full advantage of local resources, and is typically rich with seafood, coconut, rice, and sweet potatoes. Begin your meal with kava and try some taro or cassava—properly prepared, of course—for the ultimate in local Fijian food. Try enjoying a meal in a special outdoor location, like a private deck or on the beach, for the ultimate local dining experience. Eating al fresco in beautiful Fiji promises to be a memory that stays with you forever.

Spend some time alone

The beauty and allure of an island getaway is, in great part, about getting away from real life. Try winding down completely with a walk along the beach on your own, or let time slip away as you read in a hammock by the water. Go for a swim or dip your toes in the hot springs by yourself to truly absorb the splendor that Fiji has to offer.

Go where the locals go

Head into Savusavu town and check out all the local watering holes and restaurants in the heart of town. Explore the farmer’s market and peruse the wares made and sold by the townspeople. You’ll learn a lot about the local culture and get to know the wonderful people of Fiji.


Vanua Levu may be small, but there is so much to explore. From waterfalls and coral reefs to hot springs and the incredible rainforest, there are endless opportunities for discovery. You can learn how pearls are created or visit Savarekareka Mission, a historic Catholic mission built on Vanua Levu around 1870. Take your time and delve into it all—this island is your oyster.

Get romantic

An island getaway begs for romance, so take advantage of your incredible surroundings. Whether you’re traveling as a couple, with friends, or with family, make sure to set aside time to focus on your partner. Set up a private meal or simply walk along the shore and end with a swim. As long as you’re together and focused on each other, romance will bloom.

Try something new

A memorable trip like an island getaway will become even more unforgettable when you try something for the first time. The possibilities are endless—paddle boarding, scuba diving, a spa treatment, soaking in hot springs—but each one is guaranteed to make an impact. If all else fails, try some kava for the supreme Fijian experience. No matter what you try for the first time on this getaway trip, the memories will stay with you for a lifetime.

Just relax

Sometimes, the best way to enjoy yourself is by doing very little. You can lounge on the beach or a take a leisurely swim. Book a massage or a mani/pedi. Sit by a waterfall and eat a picnic lunch. There are so many ways to relax in Fiji that you’ll never tire of them. Island getaways were made for soothing indulgences, so simply sit back and enjoy.

Remember, an island getaway is all about doing exactly what you want. The only rule is that you have an incredible time.

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