Behind the Scenes: A Bikini A Day + Monday Swimwear’s Fiji Photo Shoot

What outfit goes best with palm lined beaches, salty ocean waves, and endlessly sunny days in paradise? A bathing suit, of course!

Namale recently partnered with bloggers and bikini-lovers Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman, co-founders of the popular A Bikini A Day and Monday Swimwear brands, for their Summer Collection campaign shoot.


We chatted with the girls afterward about their work, why they love Namale, and why Fiji makes the perfect setting for a gorgeous photo shoot.

Why did you choose Fiji for the shoot location?

Tash Oakley: We were left quite mesmerized by Fiji after the first time we visited, so shooting a campaign there had definitely been in the back of our minds in the lead up to out latest Monday collection. I suppose it was the entire experience of our last trip that inspired the idea of returning for the campaign. Fiji has a great energy, everyone is so unbelievably friendly, and there is such a relaxed vibe – it’s exactly what we look for in a location where serious work is going to be involved.

Devin Brugram: Fiji is so beautiful! The smiling faces and contagious laughter is probably what really made us fall in love with the islands. And the landscape is so stunning! It’s basically the ultimate backdrop for a photo – hence why it was chosen for the shoot.

What makes Namale your favorite resort in Fiji?

Tash: Where do we even start?! The fact that you literally don’t have to leave the resort is a pretty strong contender here… It has everything! Private beaches, restaurants, shopping, entertainment every night, and a waterfall! Who needs to leave?! haha

Devin: Everyone is so friendly and fun at Namale. We actually feel really sad leaving all our friends when it comes to the end of our stay! On another important note; The waffles are the best waffles we’ve ever had. They, alone, would be enough to have me booking another trip back – haha!

We stay at a lot of pretty amazing resorts and hotels all over the world, but Namale definitely left quite an imprint on us. – Devin Brugman

What were the best experiences you had during the shoot at Namale?

Tash: I’d have to say the sunsets. Everyday, without a doubt, the sunsets would completely blow us away. Even if it had been rainy and cloudy, the sunsets seemed to be even more spectacular. We ended up basing our entire campaign shoot around them, which was what ultimately gave it the ‘balmy nights’ feel you get when you see the photos. We felt so lucky to end the day with such a stunning backdrop… 

Devin: Agreed. The sunsets were absolutely amazing. But to be honest, the whole atmosphere at Namale is very mesmerizing. To look up and see a canopy of palms above you, the changing pink and orange hues of the sky, the blue of the water and white of the sand… The sound of the birds and all the little butterflies fluttering around you. It’s magic. 

Get inspired and take a look below at some of behind the scene photos, final shots, and personal experiences the girls had during their recent stay in Fiji!